We Sell Nudes for Charity – Dirk Hooper | 1 of 1 Edition


We Sell Nudes for Charity – Dirk Hooper | 1 of 1 Edition

This auction is being held to raise money for SWOP BB (Sex Worker’s Outreach Program Behind Bars) & BIPOC AIC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color Adult Industry Collective).

SWOP Behind Bars is a national grassroots social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of sex workers, victims of trafficking, and their communities with a focus on those currently incarcerated or seeking re-entry. SWOP BB centers the voices of sex workers and trafficking victims as we work to end violence and stigma by providing resources, community-building projects, educational programs, and advocacy.

More Info About BIPOC AIC – The BIPOC Adult Industry Collective is a resource for education and support services to make the adult entertainment industry a safe space for everyone who chooses this labor.

Store : We Sell Nudes for Charity 

Artist : Dirk Hooper

Twitter: @DirkHooper

Dirk Hooper Website

For more ways to support BIPOC AIC & SWOP BB please check out the following:

BIPOC Website 

BIPOC Twitter 

SWOP BB Website

SWOP BB Twitter

Winning Bid: $500.69 

Item condition: New

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