The Nude | Edition 1 of 1


The Nude | Edition 1 of 1

Performer: Trinity_xx

NFT Collection: Trinity_xx NFT Collection 

Twitter: @NiftyTrinityxx

Instagram: @trinitymarques

Boudoir Captures a woman’s Spirit , her feminine Power , and fine art nude photography is all about the NATURAL BEAUTY  of the human body , because in that moment is where her personality is NOT the focus. The focus is simply on the FORM & SHAPE OF HER BODY which makes the Image more tasteful than ever. 

The naked female body is treated so weirdly in society. It’s like people are constantly begging to see it, but once they do, someone’s a hoe. THE NUDE was inspired by women empowerment and self confidence upliftment , as I myself went through a time where I had no self confidence at all but I went through a self love journey that helped me find my SEXY back.  A woman who embraces her femininity is a woman who knows HER POWER

Get Comfortable In Your Skin While YOU In It & Enjoy What You Have. Being Sexy is all about the ATTITUDE , NOT BODY TYPE…. IT’S A STATE OF MIND!!!

With purchase of NFT , buyer will receive the following Unlockables

-Downloadable & Virtual Version of The Nude

– The Original Edit Of The Nude

-The Nude Original Signed & Printed by myself 


Please refer to the “Description” section below to learn about our NFT transfer process.


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