The Dani Pack (5 NFTs)


The Dani Pack (5 NFTs)

Have you ever wanted to do something you haven’t done before just letting go and doing whatever you wanted, play with yourself, put underwear in places you wouldn’t expect them to go, well this was my Filthy Friday on December 3rd and what a way to begin the month, now finally its time to release the Dani Pack with all those hot images from that day.

This is a huge pack of 5 NFT’s yeah I said that right, all of them have those sexy pink panties in a place a lot of men love to go down on. Not only that but two hot videos and well you finally get to see what I did with that whipped cream 😉 BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!!!! You get the panties and bra set I was wearing during the shoot, sorry the xxxNifty shirt is mine.


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