Ode to the Paradigm Shift | 1 of 1 Edition


Ode to the Paradigm Shift | 1 of 1 Edition

Performer: Liv X Jem

NFT Collection: Liv X Jem’s NFT Art Emporium

Twitter: @LivXJem

Instagram: @DiscoverLivXJem

Feat Music from @Sadsic
This piece is the first of its type in my collection and one I seriously enjoyed creating. One of my collectors sharing that I share my process and I actually wrote a log of my thoughts and things that nuanced my decision as I created this piece that will be included as a digital unlockable.

This set is something really special as I had the joy of being allowed to use a piece of one of the songs by not only an amazing musician and NFT artist known as Sadsic – however xxxNifty’s very own COO <3


  • A Classic .PNG edition
  • 17s Cinegraph with Audio from Sadsic
  • Original Cinegraph with Audio from Sadsic
  • Artists Journal
  • 3 photos – the one used as well as 2 others from the set

Dont forget to check your email for the Google Drive Link as well is in the xxxNifty order to download!!

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