Meta Housewife V. 1.0 Catwalk | Edition 1 of 1


Meta Housewife V. 1.0 Catwalk | Edition 1 of 1

Welcome to my own little piece of the Metaverse! Meta Housewife is my first attempt at 3D animation and modeling. Alongside creating animated images of my 3D likeness, you’ll also receive access to my Meta Housewife Metaverse. This is the 3D, interactive environment where you can spend time with me doing some of my favorite things. The Meta Housewife Metaverse is currently under construction, but will be out early 2022. You, the buyer or this Meta Housewife NFT, will have first access to this environment when it goes live. You’ll also be added to an exclusive chat for collectors of the Meta Housewife series of NFTs where I will share all of the details and updates with you.

Thank you so much for supporting my journey in NFTs as I attempt to create something very unique. As I develop my skills in animation, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with other creators in the xxxNifty community.


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