Canadian Psycho: go 2 hell | 1 of 1 Edition


Canadian Psycho: go 2 hell | 1 of 1 Edition

Demons are like obedient dogs, they cum when they are called. 🩸

She wasn’t afraid of the blood, quite the contrary actually…….

This series is very special to me, it’s my first fully directed shoot. Everything from the set, makeup, bloody special effects, lighting and editing were done by me! 🖤


I realize I am still very novice but appreciate the value that has been put on my artwork thus far from collectors shopping this marketplace. I wanted to share this sexy yet scary Canadian Psycho drop with you today exclusively on the XXXNifty marketplace at an affordable price point to say thank you for your continued support!🩸

I have added my seductively spooky video short and the original photo as a digital unlockable as well. 🔑

I really enjoy telling a story with my art so if you have a request for me please feel free to reach out to my social media platforms anytime, I am always open to new ideas!!

Thank you for continuing to support me so I may continue to do what I love for you!!!


XXXNifty Creative Director | NFT model


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