Black and White Topless Below Chandelier | Open Edition


Black and White Topless Below Chandelier | Open Edition

This is a personal favorite of devan which has been held back for a special opportunity, like this exciting drop with xxxNifty.  Viewers tend to love or hate the photograph because of some photographic defects from shooting directly into the light, the way the half-worn body stocking bunches at the waist, some focus issues on the arm tattoo, among other things.  But to the photographic artist, this has always been one of his most loved images of this amazing model and memorializes an incredible shoot.  It is our hope that the owner will find it as beautiful as we do.

Created by: devan

Model: Lilith St0rm

NFT Collection: devan’s NFT Collection

Twitter: @nftdevan

Instagram: @nftdevan

Please refer to the “Description” section below to learn about our NFT transfer process. 

This is an Open Edition Collection. During the Open Edition window, multiple Editions of this NFT can be purchased. The Open Edition will be open for 72 hours. Please allow up to 72 hours after the end of the Open Edition window for delivery of NFT, as the network has been highly congested. 


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