Better Than Clothes – Vyxen Steel | Edition 1 of 1


Better Than Clothes – Vyxen Steel | Edition 1 of 1

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Creator: AIth1rteen – AI, photos, art and animation are what I love to work with. Beautiful women, motion and art, what else is there?

NFT Collection: niftease NFT Collection

I created this collection because I absolutely love these photographs and try to describe my vision visually for each through the time and place of the photographer, the model, the title of the piece, the color choices and the animation, the experience.


PSA: I believe NFTs are the future and the creators are the core. Truly, thank you to Poly Annie and xxxNifty for encouraging me to do this, I have never felt valued before as an artist and this is so damn humbling. This isn’t a gallery that “represents” me, this is relationships built on trust, over time and on a public ledger. I love this so much as a creator. It gives me the opportunity to truly experiment with amazing people and organically grow projects with co-developed communities and mass amounts of failure. I am still processing this new world and will evolve as a creator, I feel it is still really early. 


Each piece is 1 of 1 and means a lot to me. Thank you to all my present and future collectors, very much appreciate you.

Please refer to the “Description” section below to learn about our NFT transfer process. 


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