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  • Afternoon Delight | 1 of 1 Edition


    • 15 Minute zoom call with Laura Desiree


    Creator: Laura Desiree

    Starting bid: $600.00
  • Trumptastic | 1 of 1 Edition

    We introduce to you… the NFT Auction that Trump tried to STOP!!

    You heard that right…


    Stormy Daniels most scandalous NFT drop EVER, featuring the little gold dress you may recognize from the headlines, will be EXCLUSIVE to the XXXNifty Marketplace!


    With every NFT drop, you may find an unlockable and this one is, well…. YUGE!!!!


    Stormy will be giving one lucky collector a digital unlockable as well as, you guessed it, THE GOLD DRESS!!



    Current Bid: $9,000.00