Putting the needs of creators first, xxxNifty is a safe and inclusive adult social platform that is built with input from creators, addressing the real needs and vulnerabilities for those working in the adult industry, giving sex workers the online platform they both desire and deserve

xxxNifty maximizes the creator to fans experience with innovative engagement tools that encourage meaningful interaction. Fans and creators will interact through exclusive adult NFTs, and a new adult centric social media platform that will include features such as chat, daily feeds and live streaming.

Utilising their own crypto token, $NSFW, xxxNifty provides creators with guaranteed payments without fear of ‘charge backs’ or being cut-off from payment providers. The $NSFW token also provides a level of anonymity to the fans.

About $NSFW

$NSFW Token is a cryptocurrency utility token created by xxxNifty Inc. to solve several problems within the Adult Entertainment Industry, in particular the issues that have been seen from Credit Card payment processing such as excessive transaction fees, chargebacks and removal of services all together.

xxxNifty is changing the way Adult Content Creators interact with their fans, with the first fully functioning Adult NFT platform and soon to be released Live Streaming platform. Both of these platforms utilise $NSFW Token as a payment method which provides protection to the creators and anonymity to the viewers.

xxxNifty see’s a tremendous opportunity for growth and implementation of new technologies in the estimated $90+ Billion Dollar per year online adult entertainment industry. These developments will all have $NSFW payments integrated directly into the technology.

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