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  • Pink Mistress #2 | 1 of 1 Edition

    Looking back at this moment I can vividly recall the feeling of my toes gripping the rocks and the Earth beneath me, I remember the tension in the ropes that not only spread me open, but hugged my body with an invincible grip. The photographer, Ellen Stagg has a knack for incorporating playful design into her rope work for shoots like this. I’m usually photographed in dominant depictions, but in my real life I’m something of a “switch” when it comes to sexuality, this image is one of the only times I’ve posed in celebration of my submissive side- and I LOVE it!



    • Erotic Story audio clip by Laura Desiree


    Creator: Laura Desiree

  • Pink Mistress #3 | 1 of 1 Edition

    This image was captured between my loud shrieks of excitement. As photographer Ellen Stagg clipped the handcuffs around me, I immediately began to play around with all of the possible poses and shapes I could make with my wrists propped up to my eyeline. However, in this moment, I couldn’t scratch any possible itch or wipe any sweat off myself, so I became something of a princess ordering poor Ellen around me to tend to every little need. Looking at my bratty face, I can tell I was likely in mid-demand of some ridiculous request. It’s an expression that demands ‘spank me!’



    • Erotic Story audio clip by Laura Desiree


    Creator: Laura Desiree

  • Pink Mistress #1 | 1 of 1 Edition

    It was a hot summer afternoon for this first shoot I had ever done with legendary photographer, Ellen Stagg. I knew I wanted to share my kinky side with her camera. We dressed me up in this tight pink PVC bodysuit and Ellen latched the leather collar and cuffs on me herself as we giggled and dabbed the sweat building on both of our bodies in that midafternoon sun. I leaned against one of the beautiful old trees, bent forward arching my booty into that sun and after a couple initial pats to my skin with the paddle, I locked eyes with her camera and felt that carnal animal in me come alive!


    • Erotic Story audio clip by Laura Desiree


    Creator: Laura Desiree

  • Afternoon Delight | 1 of 1 Edition


    • 15 Minute zoom call with Laura Desiree


    Creator: Laura Desiree

    Starting bid: $600.00
  • Trumptastic | 1 of 1 Edition

    We introduce to you… the NFT Auction that Trump tried to STOP!!

    You heard that right…


    Stormy Daniels most scandalous NFT drop EVER, featuring the little gold dress you may recognize from the headlines, will be EXCLUSIVE to the XXXNifty Marketplace!


    With every NFT drop, you may find an unlockable and this one is, well…. YUGE!!!!


    Stormy will be giving one lucky collector a digital unlockable as well as, you guessed it, THE GOLD DRESS!!



    Current Bid: $9,000.00
  • Summer body ready | 1 of 1 Edition

    We love to do bikini shots in summer to

    Shooting in summer in my country is always fun

  • From the back Art | 1 of 1 Edition

    Epic lighting just made this shot a definite benefit for any NFT portfolio

    One of my favorite shots I have ever taken

  • O my hat | 1 of 1 Edition

    This photo just talks to you a perfect balance between beauty art and emotion.

    Light playing over this stunning model what a awesome shot and definite must for any NFT collector

  • Small with big apatite for life | 1 of 1 Edition

    Just imagine this view…..

    Shoot on a balcony with this awesome model

  • Cryptic Illusion | Edition 1 of 1

    Performer: Trinity_xx

    NFT Collection: Trinity_xx NFT Collection 

    Twitter: @NiftyTrinityxx

    Instagram: @trinitymarques

    Cryptic Illusion a spontaneous NFT Piece of Art created,  was an amazing collaboration done with xxxNifty‘s very OWN COO <3 @Sadsic who added an amazing effect through Psychadelic Illusion , travelling through a world of Glitches and Spaces.


    With purchase of NFT , buyer will receive the following Unlockables
    -Downloadable & Virtual Version of Cryptic Illusion Both Image & Gif. 
    -A5 Printed & Signed Original Photograph , Shipped To Your Desired Destination 


    Please refer to the “Description” section below to learn about our NFT transfer process.

  • Sale!

    Mistress Xena | 1 of 1 Edition

    Mistress Xena – Femdom Fatale – Cartoonized